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Customized Sizes

By customized sizes we wish and intend to offer you artifacts in your own requirement of sizes. You many want something larger and bigger than what is depicted in the original piece or many are smaller one as well. Wherever possible, our artisans would work on the customization request about size and various other attributes. Our artisans would work on your specific requirement of size and design pattern and deliver to you. The following are the products which can be customized with respect to sizes, however higher MOQ will be applicable while you seek customization in the products.

Glass Sculptures Paper Mache Articles Leather Crafting Articrafts Bidriware Jewellery
Resin & Acrylic Jewellery Wire Art Paintings Slate Art
Glass Jewellery Copper Respousse & Chasing Articraft Iron Sheet Art Beads
Stone Sculptures Brass Artifacts Betelnut Carving Wood Carving
Wooden Intarsia Poly-Resin Statutes


Customized Sizes

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